Frictionless, fun and easy to use for everyone. Building a product based on a revolutionary tech is challenging. While we are building a brand new system, most of our future users don’t know about blockchain and DLT systems. Even in case they do – they have only scratched the surface and don’t understand in full details. And that’s okay!


It’s the job of the product to provide a proper on-boarding, enabling all users to feel comfortable and competent enough to use the „new thing“. That’s how a well-designed product can drive adoption and help a new technology to break through.


Coinbase is doing great pioneer work for cryptocurrencies helping to establish a new financial system. I took some time to rethink a few principles currently present in Coinbase’s products to improve the overall experience.



Living in the age of Instagram, Tinder, and co. we’ve established gestures that we hadn’t used before. Tapping and Swiping were always around but, those Apps really brought them to another level, making them the core gestures to drive the whole experience.


With the new Coinbase mobile app you can use the tap of your thumb to swipe through all your coins quickly and choose which coin you want to send or request. Tapping through them makes it super easy to find the right coin – having even more space on the screen to show the coin and balance, so the user’s eye can recognize them much easier.


Swiping is a distinct gesture, that takes a little longer to perform. We’re using exactly this gesture, for one of the most important actions within the Coinbase app: sending or receiving money! As it takes a little longer to finish the gesture – it provides enough time to think about what we do. In addition, by choosing a „longer“ gesture – we provide security by not sending or receiving money accidentally.


We need to embrace people. They are the ones experiencing and using our product to send cryptocurrencies to their family and friends. It is vital to keep that in mind, putting the focus on the people. Allowing them to experience a more human-centered, more friendly and sympathetic product.

Bigger Avatars.

Simple as that! We scaled avatars so that the user can easily see who they are going to send money to.

Latest Contacts.

Aside from a regular contact search and an option to scan QR code addresses, we established „latest contacts“. Usually, money is sent to the same few people in a user’s closest environment. So, we provide a new shortcut to the often used contacts, to accelerate the payment process.

Melting Screens.


Sending money digitally should be as easy as in the real world: open your wallet, choose who you want to pay, the amount and hand it over. At the moment this process is divided into separate screens and thus it doesn’t feel natural at all. We came up with a solution relying heavily on UX animation to meld those screens and actions together. We created a payment flow that feels human, direct and fluent.