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John 8:12-59. ‘The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light’ (Exodus 13:21). III. Copyright StatementThese files are a derivative of an electronic edition prepared from text scanned by Woodside Bible Fellowship.This expanded edition of the Jameison-Faussett-Brown Commentary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. That is the grim, tragical side of this saying, too sad, too awful for our lips to speak much of, and best left in the solemn impressiveness of that one word. Jesus declares Himself here to be the light of the world, as in chap. Weary slow days might pass in this compulsory inactivity; but ‘whether it were two days, or a month, or a year, that the cloud tarried upon the Tabernacle, the children of Israel journeyed not.’ And whenever It lifted itself up,-no matter how short had been the halt, how weary and footsore the people, how pleasant the resting-place-up with the tent-pegs immediately, and away. Then spoke Jesus again to them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. If the signal were given at midnight, when all but the watchers slept, or at midday, it was all the same. οὐ μὴ περιπατήσει] The strongly attested, though not decisively confirmed, subjunctive περιπατήσῃ (so Lachmann, Tischendorf) would be the most usual word in the N. T. after οὐ μή, and might therefore all the more easily have displaced the future, which could hardly have been introduced through the following ἕξει, seeing that the latter word has no connection with οὐ μή. There is in them the calm assertion of conscious divinity, which in its very simplicity carries its own proof. There can be no doubt as to the identity of light and salvation in these fundamental passages. 12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. St. John dwells specially upon His cure of blindness. (Comp. https: The darkness that prevailed is justly styled by the prophet, “gross darkness.” The most learned philosophers could not absolutely determine whether there were a God; or, if there were, whether there were one or many. 1801-1803. They continue to walk in darkness. Revelation 21:23-24). Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website.Original work done by Ernie Stefanik. Who can question that the rising of Jesus Christ, was to the moral world what the sun is to the natural? They conceived that there were some beings superior to themselves; and them they called gods: but the characters they assigned to them, were such as would disgrace the lowest of the human race. So as Christ is most aptly compared to light, and spoken of under that notion; as for his own innate glory, so for the communicativeness of himself to creatures; which latter appeareth to be chiefly here intended: for he saith, that he who followed him, believing his doctrine, and obeying his precepts, living according to his direction and his example, should not be at a loss how to guide himself, nor remain in the darkness of sin, ignorance, and spiritual death; but should have that light which bringeth life along with it, and is sufficient to guide a man in all the works of a spiritual life, and at last bring him to life eternal. https: "Commentary on John 8:12". Now the world needs to recognise that One has come Who is that Light. BibliographySimeon, Charles. by faith now, in sight hereafter. In the absence of the lights Jesus" claim to the Light would stand out the more impressively. BibliographyTrapp, John. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". They felt themselves sinners; but the methods which they devised for expiating their crimes were beyond measure absurd. https: John 1:4. He shall have the light of life - such a light as brings and supports life. [Once he was guided altogether by erroneous principles. shall not walk in darkness; in the darkness of unregeneracy, not knowing what they are, and where they are, and whither they are going; for such know they are in the light; and though they were blind, now they see; they know in whom they have believed, and that they are in Christ, in the covenant of grace, and in the love of God, and are going to heaven and eternal happiness; such shall not walk in the darkness of unbelief; but walk by faith on Christ; nor in the darkness of error, but in the truth of the Gospel, and as becomes it; and though they may sometimes walk without the light of God's countenance, yet light shall arise to them; and such "shall not go into darkness", as the Ethiopic version renders the words, into outer darkness, or the darkness of eternal death: but shall have the light of life; the grace of God abiding in them now; which as it is a well of living water, springing up to eternal life, so it is a shining light, which increases to the perfect day: as darkness and death, so light and life go together; grace, which is enlightening, is also quickening and comforting, and issues in eternal light and life; a light that will never be extinguished, and a life that will continue for ever, with never fading joys and pleasures; see Job 33:30. The controversy with the Pharisees continues. John 1:4). This phrase is peculiar to the Gospel and First Epistle. And here note, 1. John 8:12 - NIV: When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. He is the Light of the world, because in Him is the glory of God. Malachi 4:2. "", Schaff's Popular Commentary on the New Testament. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". In chapter 7 the gospel narrative describes for us the time Jesus spent at the Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast that was celebrated in the nation to commemorate the years of wandering in the wilderness. The issue of "I am the light of the world" here, is the "Ye shall die in your sins," in ver. The Jews considered the Old Testament and their traditions as authoritative Revelation , the true light. Let us therefore know that, when the manner of obtaining this light is pointed out to us in Christ, we are all condemned for blindness, and everything else which we consider to be light is compared to darkness, and to a very dark night. https: 1876. but shall have the light of life—the light, as of a new world, a newly awakened spiritual and eternal life. 1909-1922. "And He shall look upon the earth, and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness." Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. By the world here is meant, not the whole world, and all the individuals of it; for though Christ, as the Creator of all things, is the light of men, and does lighten every individual man with the light of nature and reason, yet not in a spiritual and saving manner, as is here intended; nor the whole body of the elect of God, though they are sometimes called the world, being the better part of it, and are made light in the Lord, in a special sense; nor the Jews only, and the chosen of God, among them, though Christ was a great light to many of them, that sat in darkness, and in the shadow of death; but the Gentiles are here designed, who were usually called by the Jews, the world; See Gill on John 3:16. But the figure, corresponding as it essentially does with the thing signified, had been given long before, and was quite a familiar one in the prophetic view of the idea of the Messiah (Isaiah 9:1; Isaiah 42:6; Malachi 4:2). God is light, and Christ is the image of the invisible God. The last saying of Jesus (ch. In this "let there be light," a pledge is given to the creature that this light shall shine. Or, 2ndly, I judge no man; that is, at present. 1887. ( α) He declares Himself to be the Light, and appeals to the witness of the Father and of Himself (John 8:12-20).]. 1700-1703. Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae. CHRYS. This life illuminates them so that they see His glory and come to know Him for what He is, and gain a new awareness of God. https: Johannes 8 Neues Leben. 12 Nun redete Jesus wieder zu ihnen und sprach: Ich bin das Licht der Welt. BibliographyClarke, Adam. (b) Jesus is Light (John 8:12 to John 9:41). JOHN 12:7-8. John 8:12 German Bible Alphabetical: again am but darkness follows have he I in Jesus life light me never not of people said saying spoke the them Then to walk When who Whoever will world NT Gospels: John 8:12 Again therefore Jesus spoke to them saying (Jhn Jo Jn) Christian Bible Study Resources, Dictionary, Concordance and … a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel. Certainly it was suitable that the real Light should succeed the symbolical, as the real Sacrifice succeeded the typical. The cloud of the humanity, ‘the veil, that is to say, His flesh,’ enfolds and tempers; and through its transparent folds reveals, even while it swathes, the Godhead. ἐγώ εἰμι τ. φῶς τ. κ. see on John 6:35. Jesus und die Ehebrecherin 2 Frühmorgens aber kam Jesus wieder in den Tempel, und alles Volk kam zu ihm, und er setzte sich und lehrte sie. Viele Menschen drängten sich um ihn. F. D. Maurice, Sermons, vol. II. 7. VII. were occasioned by outward occurrences, so possibly may this reference to light have been. The commencement of this following is faith: comp. He withdraws you however from the eyes of the flesh, to those of the heart, in that He adds, He that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. 13.7 IU/mL 12.0 IU/mL 15.0 IU/mL 100,000,000 IU/mL Roche Molecular (P060030)e COBAS Ampliprep/ COBAS Taqman HCV Test 15.0 IU/mL 15.0 IU/mL 15.0 IU/mL 100,000,000 IU/mL a. Note that as in the case of the living bread and the living water so also here the believer is not a mere passive recipient; he has to eat and to drink to appropriate the heavenly food, and here he has to follow to appropriate the heavenly light. Broadman Press 1932,33. Incomprehensible in its nature, itself the first visible, and that by which all things are seen, light represents to us Christ, Whose generation none can declare, but Who must shine upon us ere we can know aught aright, whether of things Divine or human. But we must first ascertain what necessity there is for seeking this light; for men will never present themselves to Christ to be illuminated, until they have known both that this world is darkness, and that they themselves are altogether blind. Revelation , the true light. In that case, it must have been mentioned expressly at the end of ver. 7 down to John 7:44—the Jews. Hebrews 1:1-3). "Commentary on John 8:12". I am the light of the world — As the former references to water (John 4:13, John 4:14; John 7:37-39) and to bread (John 6:35) were occasioned by outward occurrences, so this one to light. Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament. BibliographyRobertson, A.T. "Commentary on John 8:12". This is a very remarkable saying; and, as it might have existed in the time of our Lord, to it he might have alluded in the verse before us. If anything significant of this kind had taken place, the Apostle would not have left us to guess about it. Light is in the Old Testament the common term for salvation: comp. The sight, the hearing, the smell, the taste, the touch, have all their appropriate uses; and each has its peculiar office, in circumstances where the others can find no scope for exercise. College Press, Joplin, MO. II. First published online in 1996 at The Restoration Movement Pages. All the parts of that Feast were intended to recall some feature of the forty years’ wanderings in the wilderness; the lights by the altar were memorials of the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night. & Jarchi in Psal xliii. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. We must rely on a Guide before we accept His directions; and it is absurd to pretend that we trust Him, if we do not go as He bids us. At best, they were but a twilight, that gave promise of the morning; and if that be all we can affirm of Judæa, then certainly, until the light of which we have been speaking, there brooded over other lands a darkness that might be felt. Psalms 4:7 : "Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased;" Psalms 42:9, where that enjoyment is disturbed, the man must be internally unsaved and miserable, though lying in the very bosom of outward prosperity. One sun enlightens the whole world; so does one Christ, and there needs no more. Trusted, loved, followed, He is light. Ver. The soul receives Christ into himself, feeds on Him by thoughts and affections, assimilates Him—makes Him one with all his parts and feelings, carries Him in his life-blood. v, p. 314. Nobody who has not tried it would believe how many difficulties are cleared out of a man’s road by the simple act of trying to follow Christ. We know, too, that what He said about Himself was very unlike the language becoming a wise and humble religious teacher. Light either kills or develops vegetation, depending on whether or not it is rooted in soil; and the gospel has that same dual function (2 Corinthians 2:15ff). Common German variants for Johannes … This discourse continues Jesus’ public teaching in the city of Jerusalem in the temple area. https: Synagog. Neglected, turned from, He is darkness. God has said, and experience proves, that “there is no peace to the wicked.” Every man in his unregenerate state is in bondage to the fear of death, and more or less under the terrors of a guilty conscience. Others take a different view, putting the discourses in John 8:12-20, and even that also in John 8:21 ff., on the day named in chap. It is a reluctant will, and intrusive likings and dislikings, that obscure the way for us, much oftener than real obscurity in the way itself. The Word was among men as light before the incarnation (John 1:9; John 9:5), and light came with the incarnation (John 3:19-21; John 8:12; John 12:46). Again therefore (παλιν ουν — palin oun). YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE ME. From this very ancient custom the practice of turning to the east at the Creed is derived. It formed indeed so marked a feature of the week’s rejoicings, that no one can be surprised to find a reference to it in our Lord’s words. Here then is the One Who not only feeds the hearts of men but Who also brings the ‘life which is the light of men’ (John 1:4), Who is the One Who shines in the darkness (John 1:5) and is the true light which lightens every man who is open to receive it (John 1:9). Now may each man, who has the sentence of Adam upon him, know that he is a kinsman of the Son of God. And so there is no need of artificial rules and distinctions, such as doctors invent for their own confusion. Alex. How wise and sure, none but those who have followed it know. chap. "R. Biba Sangorius saith, Light is the Around is ‘the darkness’ of night: only where the pillar of fire moves light shines on all that follow its course,—on all, not on Israel only, for Jesus is ‘the light of the world.’ The language of both promises is free from every limitation save that which is expressed in ‘coming to’ Him, ‘believing in’ Him (chap. To follow Christ, means to long and strive after His companionship; as the Psalmist says, ‘My soul followeth hard after Thee.’ It means the submission of the will, the effort of the whole nature, the daily conflict to reproduce His example, the resolute adoption of His command as my law, His providence as my will, His fellowship as my joy. Therefore, man’s awful prerogative of perverting the best into the worst forced Him, who came to be the light of men, to that sad and solemn utterance: ‘For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see, and that they which see might be made blind.’. But the fact that the words were spoken in the Court of the Women (see on John 8:20) makes the reference not improbable; and πάλιν may point to this: Jesus having appropriated the type of the Rock, now appropriates that of the Pillar of Fire. BibliographyAquinas, Thomas. 3:4 hy leuentaal praat, praat hy uit sy eie, omdat hy 'n leuenaar is en die vader daarvan. Like the water poured on the altar, the light may well have had a twofold symbolism, commemorating the mighty guidance of Israel by the pillar of fire, and also prefiguring the light which was to spring up in the times of Messiah (Isaiah 9:2; Isaiah 13:6, etc.). "Commentary on John 8:12". Here Jesus declares openly, while speaking to the crowds in the Temple treasury (presumably the place where the large trumpet shaped collecting boxes were in the court of the women - v. 20), ‘I am the light of the world. We consider our quicker returns of light and darkness as incomparably more conducive to comfort and prosperity. The exception which the Pharisees made against our Saviour's testimony of himself: Thou barest record of thyself: thy record is not true. The rabbins think that the Messiah is intended in Genesis 1:3, And God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Johannes 8:12-59 Het Boek (HTB) Jezus, het licht van de wereld. Just suppose Jesus is in the temple on the following day. ], [Note: Shepard, p352; Edersheim, 2:165-66. 15. fol. (12) Verily, verily, I say unto you. John 8:15.—Homiletic Magazine, vol. My coming now is to instruct and save the world; my next coming will be to judge and condemn it. This was in the Court of the Women, the most public part of the temple. It is not the distinction of Pharisee or Publican, of religious men or irreligious. 1. With God the light and the well are the same. John 7:52. Tert. https: Bava Bathra, fol. BibliographyJohnson, Barton W. "Commentary on John 8:12". ς, Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name Yehochanan, meaning "Yahweh is gracious". BibliographyPett, Peter. light. 7 , just as in ch. So ‘Follow thou Me’ is, in a very real sense, the sum of all Christian duty. He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness. He invited the Jews to "follow" Him as the true light (cf. App-170. Shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life - the light as of a new world, the light of a newly awakened spiritual and eternal life. John 8:12. πάλιν, again) as at ch. Just as Israel of old followed the flame of fire as God led the way, safe and secure because God was with them, so now all who become His people can follow the new manifestation of God, Jesus Christ Himself, the light of the world, the light which springs from His life. Would they not be fatal to any one’s pretensions to be a teacher of religion or morality? —He that by faith becomes one with the Son shall have the Son, and therefore also the Father, dwelling in him (John 14:11; John 14:20; John 14:23), and shall himself become an instrument through which God, … John 8:20). ‘Followeth Me’; then Jesus Christ calmly proposes Himself as the aim and goal for every soul of man; sets up His own doings as an all-sufficient rule for us all, with all our varieties of temper, character, culture, and work, and quietly assumes to have a right of precedence before, and of absolute command over, the whole world. Learn hence, That the great end and errand of Christ's coming into the world, was to give light unto poor souls that sat in darkness. Speaking of the conversion of a soul to God, he says: -. While the feast lasted, and the remembrance of the ceremonies was fresh, the allusion would be perfectly natural. Furthermore men’s sins would be revealed in that light, and some would turn away from their sins and begin to live lives approved by God (John 3:19-21). Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". Die Bibel Eine Frau wird beim Ehebruch ertappt 1 Jesus ging zum Ölberg zurück, 2 doch schon früh am Morgen war er wieder im Tempel. No less than seven such interruptions occur in the discourse, giving it a variety of unexpected turns, and changing, to a great degree, its entire train. ],” and where “his Lord shall be an everlasting light, and his God his glory [Note: Isaiah 60:19. You may bring these words against Nestorius: for our Lord does not say, In Me is the light of the world, but, I am the Light of the world: He who appeared man, was both the Son of God, and the Light of the world; not, as Nestorius fondly holds, the Son of God dwelling in a mere man. Jesus was speaking to the Jews who had assembled there, some of whom were residents of Jerusalem and others pilgrims from other parts of Palestine and the world. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. ". Thus οὐ μὴ περιπατήσει ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ, “shall not walk in the dark”; cf. ‘The Lord went before them in a pillar of a cloud.’ ‘The Lord looked through the pillar.’ ‘The Lord came down in the cloud and spake with him.’ The ‘cloud covered the Tabernacle, and the glory of the Lord appeared.’ Such is the way in which it is ever spoken of, as being the manifestation to Israel in sensible form of the presence among them of God their King. How they must have watched for the gathering up of its folds as they lay softly stretched along the Tabernacle roof; and for its sinking down, and spreading itself out, like a misty hand of blessing, as it sailed in the van! 2. He had created light on the first day and lights on the fourth day of Creation ( Genesis 1:3; Genesis 1:14-19). "Commentary on John 8:12". Go to, Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, "I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life. 7But Jesus said, “Leave her alone. The witness to the existence of natural light is the eye formed to receive its rays; the witness to the existence of the Light of the world is the eye of the spirit conscious of a night of darkness, which has passed into the brightness of the presence of the Sun of Righteousness. 12 Verder, by ’n ander geleentheid, het Jesus vir die mense gesê: “Ek is die lig vir die mensdom. 1871-8. And He was now here as that light, shining in the land of the shadow of death (or ‘in the deep darkness’). This was thus Jesus response to the denial of the Pharisees that a prophet could arise out of Galilee. And old Simeon saith of him, Luke 2:32, that he was to be a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel. 1. When Jesus represents Himself as the light of the world, He points to the deep night even of external misery which should come upon the Jews, as the consequence of their contempt and rejection of the light. 12. πάλιν οὖν. "Commentary on John 8:12". I am the light of the world, i.e. 1896. 1863-1878. How long the interval was we do not know, but probably a few hours. "More important to the immediate context, the theme of light is not unrelated to the question of truthfulness and witness in the following verses, for light cannot but attest to its own presence; otherwise put, it bears witness to itself, and its source is entirely supportive of that witness. The possibility of this reference is strengthened by the note of place which our Evangelist gives. ((w) Tzeror Hammor, fol. Shall we not, then, see a deep meaning and reference to that awful blank, when Jesus standing there in the courts of that Temple, whose inmost shrine was, in a most sad sense, empty, pointed to the quenched lamps that commemorated a departed Shechinah, and said, ‘I am the Light of the world’? If at any-time, through temptation or distress, this light burn dim, he cries to his Lord and Saviour, who has promised to send him fresh supplies of his Spirit; and speedily does “light arise to him in his obscurity, and his darkness becomes as the noon-day [Note: Isaiah 58:10. “He knows in whom he has believed, and that his adorable Saviour is able to keep that which he has committed to him.” He has learned to reckon death among the number of his friends, and to regard it as the door of entrance into his Father’s presence. Jesus Christ was His own great theme. Observe, 4. Sie stellten sie in die … Shall not walk in darkness - He shall be saved from ignorance, infidelity, and sin. Such was the state of the whole Gentile world when He appeared, whom the prophecy announced as "a light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death." "It is," says Luther, "a very offensive and very proud sermon that He gives them here, standing up before the great ones and learned doctors, and giving out that they were all blind fools in the darkness, while He, on the other hand, says of Himself: I am the light of the world." Heinrich Meyer's Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. The pardon of sin, justification through the Mediator's righteousness, the gradual overcoming of the corruptions of nature, guidance in difficulty, guardianship in danger, comfort in affliction, triumph in death—all these are in the portion of him who follows Christ—followeth Him in faith as his surety, in obedience as his pattern. The visible sun accompanies you, only if you go westward, whither it go also; and even if you follow it, it will forsake you, at its setting. Copyright StatementThe text of this work is public domain. words there is R. Abba Serongianus. But in this case the illumination took place possibly on the first night only, and Christ certainly did not utter this possible reference to it until the last day of the Feast, or perhaps not until the Feast was all over. Jesus had ceased to speak, but now speaks “again”; and St. John remembers that the words were suggested by some incident which occurred. also Matthew 4:15-16; Luke 2:32; and the Rabbinical references in Lightfoot, p. 1041. he that followeth me — as one does a light going before him, and as the Israelites did the pillar of bright cloud in the wilderness. And in effect the Lord's words in Matthew 11:28 seq. x., p. 421; Good Words, vol. The mention of ‘light’ at this particular feast was especially significant. Within us He will chiefly prove Himself the Guide of our spirits, and will not merely cast His beams on the path of our feet, but will fill and flood us with His own brightness. "Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges". “They were vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened: professing themselves to be wise, they shewed themselves to be very fools [Note: Romans 1:21-22. 1983-1999. he that followeth me—as one does a light going before him, and as the Israelites did the pillar of bright cloud in the wilderness. Even in the natural world, there must be ‘light’ if there would be ‘life.’ And if you take away ‘light’ out of ‘life,’ it is a poor thing to live. I am the light of the world:— In the transaction above related, Jesus appears unspeakably great, having displayed on the occasion a degree of wisdom, knowledge,goodness,andpower,evidentlymorethanhuman—wisdom,indefending himself against the malicious attacks of his enemies; knowledge, in discovering the invisible state of their mind; power, in making use of their own secret thoughts and convictions to disappoint their crafty intentions; and goodness, in pitying and not punishing instantly one who had been guilty of an atrocious act of wickedness; wherefore it was with singular propriety that, after this remarkable decision, addressinghimself to his disciples and the multitude, he called himself the Light of the world; in allusion either to Malachi 4:2 or the bright shining of the sun lately risen, and now darting his beams with great lustre and beauty upon them. The interpolated section, John 7:53 to John 8:11, being deleted, we must look for some connection with John 7:52. ((u) Bemidbar Rabba, sect. Wheresoever the Gospel has been published and received as a communication from God, the darkness has fled as night flies before the sun.

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