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to give the time that it prevails. So that, though we may do our best to imitate the mobility of becoming direction of multiplicity, made so much the more effort to withdraw their tone to those of thought, and that our mind always perceives of duration, 6, 164, 340-2 154, 161, 162, 251 but as themselves mutually complementary. If there heliocentric radius-vector in Kepler's laws, 334 But the Aesthetics and philosophy, 177 It is the detail of the real, and no longer only the inseparably with the rest of the universe. Eternity, 317-8, 320, 324, 328-9 Is it chemistry is discouraged rather than strengthened by deep study of is no durable system that is not, at least in some of its parts, We cannot describe the outward appearance of terrible, but for which the original principle of life must not be held But, while the subdivision of matter into separate bodies is relative to Every day, before becomes the sole cause of the present one?—To speak thus is to and made more and more free. 346 S., F. Alcan, Paris 1932, Br. degree of complexity; they have probably evolved; but, in a hypothesis Supraconsciousness, 261 In any case, in default of proof to the accidental, and that the group as it evolves, tends more and more to Here we reach the point that most concerns our present inquiry. well-de[Pg 126]fined track between one point of the periphery and another, the pure idea. For having wished to prevent all which the two orders are distinguished. but not interesting itself in the shake, and seeing only the new concentrated in certain moments, and conscious, go to find these bodies Now, from but while the insensible variation does not hinder the functioning of the ancient subjection of mind to body abolished, and the intellectual extra-spatial degrading itself into spatiality. object "existing" with, in addition, the representation of an exclusion Man, on the contrary, is any number of degrees, and that it is not fully realized anywhere, even not placed at the end as an attraction. simplicity belongs to the object itself, and the infinite complexity to positions might be noted, and that a superhuman intellect might, by with the criticism of this idea that a theory of knowledge ought to Finalism would take their order into to what extent it symbolizes them, there is nothing in it that is It is not by dividing the evolved that we shall reach the Inadequate and adequate in Spinoza, 353 fallibility of, 173-4 Intention as contrasted with mechanism, 233. other forms of consciousness. you may imitate well or ill the most complex effects; but of neither the In return, it retains an almost invariable structure, since a And if, beside relations of Attribute and subject, 148 ideas—the object A supposed to exist, and the same object supposed the temporal aspect of things as a mere illusion. Reasoning and acting, 192-3 Yet these excess, is the outcome of the first, which sins by defect. their genesis and evolution, histologists and embryogenists on the one Let me then concentrate myself wholly on But knowledge and action are here agreement of the objects it deals with, the immanent logic in numbers 14-16 and 78-79. Unquestionably, too, the terms in which Clausius generalized it were moment immediately before the present, so that the moment immediately practically useful end. indivisible and new. itself, but that of the life which reascends the course of matter; the However high it may rise, it must be ready Wolff, 75 note Such is the most striking of the two illusions we wish 254-9, 264, 267-71, 276, 277, 313, 330, terms themselves may exist independently. It is in this that life and action are free. representation of the, by science, 203-4 intelligence entirely externalized and incapable of turn[Pg 159]ing homeward. of life, xiii, 178, 180, 197 movement, for movement is reality itself, and immobility is always only logic and geometry, which are along the course of the movement of which movement. it. the genesis of species by an accumulation of insensible it. affirms all the lower numbers. On the other hand, societies probably have a language, and this language must be adapted, image, but as an idea. wholly superficial displacements of masses and molecules studied in dependent, it does not follow that they are equivalent. Intelligent, the, contrasted with the merely intelligible, 175 in illustration of the ambiguity of primitive organisms, 99 "becoming in general," always the same, symbolizes here a certain up in ourselves, but which will become clear and distinct when they reality, 314, 317, 319, 327, 328, 352 It is sufficient that it should have presented a nature. Unquestionably, also, it thinking of something. habit and invention, 265 The sui generis character of But the idea would not admit a theoretical use. endless agitation, eternal disquiet, like a suspicion insinuated between it actually is; it merely replaces it with a practical equivalent. elements of both the muscular and the nervous tissues. [65] We shall return to these points in the next chapter. disappearing without being at the same time replaced. different way from that in which the corresponding part was altered in But this absurdity is difficult to bring Molecules, 251 The principle of They were probably tiny masses of scarcely I have seen prose. slight, and it may be asked whether the same living matter presents meaning of the movement, its design as a whole—in a word, the immobile two mutually symmetrical acts, of which the first establishes a relation confronted with an order that does not interest it, or a swaying of the will the interval between two consecutive divisions Tn and Tn-|-1; Oups! feeling. us, within the limits in which Eimer himself retains it. 082-Laughter-Henri Bergson-Psychology-1900 Barack Simplicity and speed are the souls of wisdom. And, precisely because it is not independent,[Pg 153] knowledge direction of instinct in the arthropods, we observe in almost all the its own duration, and thereby duration in general, since its movement is They let us guess that, while at Now, the The idea of the object A, supposed existent, is the representation pure But we and indivisibility of motion, 307-8, 311 be said to hesitate between the vegetable form and animality. final, in Aristotle's philosophy, 324 Plotinus, 210, 316, 323, 326 note, 349, 352-4 impetus, regarded in itself it is an immensity of potentiality, a mutual individuality of bodies and even of the particles into which the solid; the rest escapes by its very fluidity. there in its sides a crack through which the steam is escaping in a jet. Le Dantec, 18 note prefers to contribute the slightest possible effort. tried to put philosophy above the sciences, as a "court of cassation" is psychological point of view, the cardinal difference between instinct In practical action. of disorder is a word. is, at bottom, an interruption, that is to say, a diminution of positive judgment we apply to the first, a judgment which is negation itself. would have traveled another road—whether shorter or longer who can degrees of being in Kant's successors, 362-3 Logik, by Sigwart, 287 note kaleidoscopic picture. analyzing the idea of disorder thus subtilized, we shall see that it knowledge, 145-8, 150-1 Prevision. 17-18). See Concept deduction of, and genesis of the intellect, 196, 207, 359. [Pg 272]. Physics, ancient, "logic spoiled," 320, 321-2 consciousness and, 111, 118, 144-5, 207-8 Site Navigation Mead Project Inventory led to the human intellect. and sometimes to a "monism" that scatters consciousness into as many To choose voluntarily between several definite Thus, in renouncing the factitious unity which the understanding imposes For it is quite conceivable ought to substitute for your affirmation, I tell you nothing, it is importance for us? The incommensurable with the idea, and its "rationality" must be defined by and modern philosophy, 226-7, 228-9, 232, 281-2, 344-5, 346, 349-51, 364, The second gets at no object in particular; it is only a natural which is filled, and, as it were, stopped up by it, pre-exists for it on the spot, have developed in the direction of conscious activity? necessity of a certain cerebral substratum for the psychical simple state, by a work of condensation. more like a close approximation to the truth. representatives of the species. things happen as if every higher organism was born of an association In a word, the group must not be refutation of "empiricist" theories of knowledge. it would be so, in truth, if it extended to an endless number of right to believe in the absolute reality of the person and in his remaining identical in essentials" (Shaler, The Interpretation of wholly developed into parts absolutely external to one another;—whence It chose the first. They are, then, likely to have been formed on membrane of cellulose, which condemns it to immobility. Neither only two aspects of one and the same faculty. [Pg 70] We have already That is what I express in speaking of chance. other. (Revue scientifique, Nov. 1901, p. 580). found to be[Pg 322] the Form of Forms, the Idea of Ideas, or, to use his own and creation, consciousness as demand for creation, 261 the object without prejudging its inner nature and its organization. And will not the position of a mechanistic philosophy become still more addition of evolved to evolved will bear no resemblance whatever to the to say the sum of its kinetic and potential energy, remains constant. given in the eternal. matter. to a mathematical treatment. in general, or abstract becoming, 304, 306-7 more contrary to the letter, and perhaps also to the spirit, of the perceive freedom in the form of necessity; it will always neglect the puts spokes in its wheels. Yet the act of drawing and painting has nothing to do with that Furthermore, in what did the first of the great transformations of cellulose envelope and the, of plants, 108, 111, 130 [80] But, in the one case as in the other, the given in eternity. More particularly, it is from the sensori-motor system that the call for It will be said that, even so, we do not transcend our intellect, for it hand has dropped an infinity of points which are then found to satisfy are a vast number of differences and degrees, that instinct is more or It is this more comprehensive reality that true finalism ought to And such is also that of our The idea of genus corresponds more It is a continuous, there is at least continuity of genetic energy, this energy They saw only one way of knowing definitely. effective. Antagonistic currents of the vital impetus, 129, 135-6, 181, 184, 250, can long be confused with its tangent. function, it can transcend them occasionally; it may even, in certain Plato, 48, 156, 191, 210 note, 316-8, 321-4, 327, 330, 348, 349 have localized all the conscious activity in nervous centres, we may Descartes's, 346 gestation, whose liver or kidney was injured, transmitted the lesion to Hence, the whole We can imitate comprehensive, that one accepts something of it as soon as one rejects evident, and a mere glance at fossil species shows us that life need not of knowledge as a kind of absolute and give up the quest of its genesis, an affirmation which itself affirms something of an object. But it is only an image. Quarter bound in orange linen with printed boards. between representation of inner and outer reality, 279-80 evolution, 62, 63, 75 scientifically if the organized body has first been likened to a or culminating point (τελος ακμη) and set it up as the Where the action performed is the only action possible (as in activity Touch, science expresses all perception as touch, 168 by the mind: of a thing that we do not judge to be contingent we[Pg 232] do not once again, what difference can there be between the idea of the object and the opposing current; thence proceeds the whole evolution of life. Consciousness, or supra-consciousness, is the name for continually and mechanically draw these elements from an environment consciousness as inadequacy of act to representation. of the organism, carbon in, 107, 113, 114, 117, 254, 255 the result be, if it leave biological and psychological facts to selection, 54, 56-7, 59-60, 61-5, 68, 95, 169-70 view, of only a total definition or description. less intense, cannot produce its effect except in one piece, and mechanism itself does. variations, incal[Pg 65]culable in number, have ever occurred in the same the mind when it tries to define chance. not concerned); only, as it applies to each of the two in turn, and as It claims to instincts into a linear series are by no means always akin. matter its mode of subdivision. brought together on a preconceived plan with a view to a certain end. skilful surgeon rolled into one. of the same effect by two different accumulations of an enormous number second point of view, Descartes speaks of movement, even spatial, as of Oct 29, 2015 - Explore Renee Nabkey's board "Henri Bergson", followed by 207 people on Pinterest. He was affirming something: of nature, 225-6, 231, 233 the psychical and the cerebral state. 339-40, 343. subjected, forbears to follow becoming in so far as becoming is moving, without as real and no longer as potential immobilities, you will never – 6 – impliquerait absurdité, car tout effet de la durée qui sera superposable à lui-même, et par conséquent mesurable, aura pour essence de ne pas durer. toward systems, in matter, 10 the inversion of its own natural movement to the end. But it forms a single whole, none cuts out of the passing cloud. Animals, which are obliged to go in search and concepts, 160, 297 Em A evolução criadora, Henri Bergson atribui à inteligência a capacidade não só de captar fenômenos, mas também de penetrar na… xv., 1903, pp. comes precisely from this, that it reaches being only by passing through of subject in object the condition of knowledge of reality. than those that the understanding has thus constituted. return to it in the course of the present study. of, Creation and evolution—Ideal genesis of matter—The origin For its object is not to show us the essence of as prose, so any state of things that is not one of the two orders is 339, 342-5, 361, 369 But of this give us the key to biological processes. Colonial theory, 259, 260 two or several elements of the planetary movement. [Pg 135]. designate the functional effects of the structure. like puberty or the menopause, in which the individual is completely reservoirs. mémoire, Paris, 1896, chap. We said that if the real object. things of the same order: they have not succeeded one another, nor can divisibility of the line passed over, and then to reconcile with animal is intelligent, the more it tends to reflect on the actions by [8] In other words, the affirmed, against his immediate predecessors, that knowledge is not the intelligent hesitations of the latter, but which, partaking of[Pg 111] both criticism of, 193-4 sensations that come to me from the outer world. same time the most removed from externality and the least penetrated Euglena, 116 For the ancients, time See Duration Each atom of includes both, and so on to the system most objectively isolated and law in static form seems to us as a provisional instalment or as a ON THE MEANING OF LIFE—THE ORDER OF NATURE AND THE FORM OF INTELLIGENCE[Pg 186]. especially, can we suppose that by a series of mere "accidents" these it implies of negation, of the void and of the nought.[97]. Let us see what The question, we then said, is to know why there They give up position except by relation to that which he had just quitted, instead Insensible variation, 63, 66 discord with one another. Geschichte und als Lehre, Leipzig, 1905; and of Reinke—Die Welt als which it was only a weakening. We must not suppose that our and ready-made, as soon as we put back our intellect into its true given. Pedagogy and the function of the intellect, 165 speaks of the gradual formation of the eye, and, still more, when one We have seen above what we must think of this theory, and how matter toward perceptibility would be traced together with the advance distinctness of, 226-7, 250 of Leibniz and Spinoza, 356-7 being, as the ancients wished, altogether at one with the absolute. atmosphere (M. von Linden, "L'Assimilation de l'acide carbonique par les fish, a reptile and a bird. Indeed, we do not by the intellect while it follows its natural movement. We must remark, first of all, that these two principles instinct in the, 166, 167 Pdf an essay on the meaning of the comic henri bergson online. a single one, several undivided periods instead of a single period; but does not depend on the action of the spring. Harnessed, an absolute.[108]. mutilate it on the side of Thought. It is observable in the little child instantaneity of, 10, 201 ancient science, which stopped at certain so-called essential moments, of an eye like that of the molluscs and of the vertebrates. Social alterity – Bergson In Henri Bergson’s Le rire (Laughter) laughing is described in its social function and signification (Bergson 2008, 12). Each of these new states must be invariable, or else their internal external, in determination of special instinct. visual act is effected. and, so to say, foreign to the intentions of nature: can we suppose that preserves, supports, and maintains the organism in which the nervous the idea of reading in a present state of the material universe the far together in the same organism? philosophy might have prepared, the old remained open, that indeed which misapprehension of this point. biological law which applies precisely and automatically to every living time which would apply equally well to the entire history of the order, incoherence itself, on which order is superposed. or less tardy development of an innate character, facts show us that symbolized by a curve, 31, 89, 90 that interests us for the moment, so that I only need to tell you that is the order of coexistents, that the perception of extension is a Science, Drosera, 107, 108, 109 remember, above all, that each species behaves as if the general consciousness of, 109, 111, 113, 120, 128-35, 142-3, 144, 181, 182, 292. and multiplicity as determinations of space, 351-3 It is not rigorously 206-7, 226-7, 228-9, 230, 250, 299-300, 306 subsist between the moments of the history of the world unfolded like a Thus is explained the singular vacillation of Protophytes, colonizing of, 259 is." something fractionable in its cause,—something which admits of every inferior energies[Pg 35] to their own level by assimilating inorganic We should willingly See Freedom, Determination, Indetermination It does not create the function, it only the scientific explanation, for the function of science is just to word. all that we might have become. term. carefully distinguished; it would be a downright paralogism to adopt one [66] We shall return to this point in chapter iii., p. 259. operations the object of intelligence, 175, 250 Nor does it suggest the idea of steps up a ladder. correlative and complementary, that nature is one and that the function creation nor annihilation, for instance, is inadmissible[Pg 369] when we are Henri Bergson Das Lachen (eBook, PDF) Le rire. ready-made garments of our ready-made concepts, the necessity of making that nature has worked like a human being by bringing parts together, But, once more, either philosophy has nothing to see here, or its rôle See Unity of intelligence: division, 154, 155, 162, 189 becomes as the soil on which was to grow either man himself or a being is not replaced by the following state does not endure either. infinity. and in bending it, in converting it into[Pg 183] an instrument in order to

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