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Before Lolcats, there was The Sick Kitten, a short film made in 1901 – six years after the birth of cinema, and 112 years before today’s cat-dominated internet scene.The premise is simple: two children play doctors with a kitten who is suffering from an unknown ‘illness’. Blofeld is also the man who killed Bond’s wife, Tracy. STAVRO BLOFELD #3, FILM She has long, pointed ears and a long fluffy tail. Raymond Benson  }else if ((day_num==2) || (day_num==22)){ In the 007 novels, Blofeld’s character does not have a cat. Blofeld's precious at the potential mercy of the man with the cat. Since then, the cat has also appeared in For Your Eyes Only, Never Say Never Again, and Spectre. Q = Desmond Llewelyn A View To A Kill 1985 LICENCE TO KILL 1989 8. Tweet, 26. Sean Connery Marvin Hamlisch 1 The World Is Not Enough 1999 Theme Party  Blofeld’s Cat The iconic James Bond villain and his iconic white Persian cat have appeared in several films, the latest being 2015’s Spectre in which Christoph Waltz reappears at Blofeld. (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, He is partially hidden while conducting business on his luxury yacht. Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), First appearance of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's white Persian cat. He is partially hidden while conducting business on his luxury yacht. Q  Llewelyn/Cleese destruction of a whole strain – forever throughout an William Boyd Solo Copyright 2020 by Persian Cat Corner. Monty Norman 1 You Only Live Twice 1967 1987 Casino Royale 2006 Bill Conti 1 The cat made its first debut appearance in the year 1963, during the movie From Russia With Love. Rights Reserved. are Forever. Surely he could not have known, or he might have given the cat a name at least. In this movie, Blofeld’s identity is kept secret. actors to play multiple roles in different Bond films. M Lee/Brown/Dench To begin, please […] The development of the cat was achieved over many years of selective breeding. EON Productions movies. Copyright. To do and see  This segues right into the opening credits where the cat is at last included! This test can recommend breeds that suits best for your properties and circumstances. He is a selfish, cruel, ruthless and pompous Persian cat who has a hatred of dogs and will stop at nothing to make people everywhere be allergic to dogs and he is also the archenemy of Lou. 2008 Links 28. Diamonds are Forever (1971) James Bond be back 2019 in Bond 25 Turkish Angora The Turkish Angora originates from Turkey, to be specific – Ankara (which wont to be called Angora). STAVRO BLOFELD, S.P.E.C.T.R.E (SPecial Executive for by burying him forever (fat chance) in an avalanche with Upon his death, Bond sees Blofeld’s white Turkish Angora cat, which yowls its displeasure while looking stunning in a diamond collar. 1. Interesting tidbit: Charles Gray played an intelligence  Phone+4648112960   Me 1977 (to Bond explaining his latest threat) “Total Final Mewsings: Only a truly evil villain leaves his cat behind to blow up in a volcano. One thing we do know is that Persians appeared in the first cat shows held in England, and people began importing them to the U.S. in 1900. by having him gassed in an elevator and buried alive in a Hi. He was voiced by Sean Hayes. appeared in 17 Bond films  007 Gun TRIES TO KILL 007 This silvery-coated breed with its movie-star looks is renowned for its beauty and is a popular choice for a pet. James Bond  26 2021 screenwriter Russia With Love 12.   Thinking Blofeld to be deceased, Bond goes about his mission. His position at the head of this organization earns him the title of Number One in several books and movies. Blofeld Quality Road - Storm Minstrel, by Storm Cat 2012, gr/ro, entered stud 2018 Please be aware that it does not replace the comprehensive research/information on a breed. Presumably, the director of that first James Bond film, Terence Young, decided that while he wanted the identity of his villain to be kept secret, he also wanted his audience to have something to look at, to make the scene more captivating, and so he added the cat. 13. Spectre is also the name of the evil organization that Blofeld leads. The breed is known as the Persian Longhair in most English-speaking countries but also is known as the Iranian Cat or the Shiraz Cat. Die Another Blofeld is head of the global criminal organisation SPECTRE and is commonly referred to by the codename Number 1 within this organisation. You also need to consider that this is a breed best kept indoors.  Open during September 2017 to May 2018 Monday-Friday 11-15. If you see a photograph of a Persian cat from 20 years ago, and then compare it to a Persian today, you will see how much damage can be done to a breed in a relatively short time. STAVRO BLOFELD, Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi) S.P.E.C.T.R.E NR 1 The cat is an entirely white Persian, and though it is never named, it is perhaps as famous as the villain himself. However, hieroglyphs in the area dating as far back as 1684 BCE do depict longhaired cats. infertility in plants and animals, not just disease in a Self (still the head of SPECTRE), PHYSICAL PECULIARITY Neal Purvis Hi Jane, that’so interesting, so the ‘James Bond cat’ was actually your cat? What about those times when your lazy, sleep all day feline suddenly races through the…. From Russia With 24. Mr. Tinkles is the main antagonist of the 2001 film Cats & Dogs, and a supporting antagonist of its 2010 sequel Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. ERNST CIA, Bondgirls James Bond Composers Anytime there needs to be a visual implication of evil, a white cat can be used. Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) This breed has even made it into the films. Open Daily 10-15  Sat 10-14 Media In the recent movie by Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs, the cats are evil, and the evil leader of Japan is being manipulated by cat loving people. MI6 There have been countless references made in both movies and literature to the original white Persian that wasn’t even given a name. Rosa Klebb  ERNST of serials and livestock all over the world.”. Bollinger  Corgi  Izabella Scorupco “Tiffany my dear, we’re showing a bit more cheek than Harry eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'persiancatcorner_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',101,'0','0']));These villain tropes all reference the arch nemesis of 007, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and his infamous, ever-present white cat. All rights reserved. 1963 Tomorrow Never Dies1997 FILM The Man With JAMES BOND and all other James Bond related trademarks - Danjaq, LLC. 3. suffix = "st"; On Her Majesty`s Secret Service 1969 James Bond  28 2027 It isn’t a white cat, but still, there is a consistency with the stereotype that villains have cats. Live And Let Die 1973 Goldeneye 1995 Donald Pleasence You Only Live Twice (1967), Telly Savalas 25. Logo© 1962 United Artists Corporation and Danjaq, LLC. 23. For Your Eyes Only 1981 var today_date = new Date(); Roger Moore The Living Daylights The Chinchilla is one of the oldest cat breeds that people developed in their quest to breed a Persian cat with a pale coat. Dr No Our database includes information you want to know including the breeder website, contact information, Facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. Bond 007Museum Sweden Nybro. has  BLOFELD #2 TELLY SAVALAS his bride-to-be Tracy. document.write(month_name[today_date.getMonth()] + " " + day_num + suffix + " " + today_date.getFullYear()); Copyright © 1959-2017  Goldfinger This is my cat Chico he lived with us with his sister Emma who featured in the kosset carpet ads. Everyone knows that a good villain will definitely need an evil white cat to stroke and love. If you continue to use this site you accept our use of cookies. The “Fancy Feast” cat is a Dearhart Chinchilla Persian cat, said to be the oldest man-made cat breed in the world; James Bond’s supervillain, Blofeld, famously strokes a Persian cat … if ((day_num==1) || (day_num==21) || (day_num==31)){ Quantum Of Solace Audiobooks Ian Fleming  Do also discuss with owners and breeders to find the best breed under real conditions. Bacteriological warfare scientist (Count in his spare Never Say Never Again 1983, S.P.E.C.T.R.E None, MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE 22 Best 19. }else if ((day_num==3) || (day_num==23)){ entire continent. and Daniel Craig be back again 5th time 22. Colonel Meow is in the Guinness records for the longest fur on a cat (9 inches, or 22.87 inches). Your email address will not be published. The cat is an entirely white Persian, and though it is never named, it is perhaps as famous as the villain himself. Licence To Kill 1989 Timothy Dalton Famous Persian cats include Colonel Meow, the Persian cat meme; Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s white Persian cat; and Jerry and Gimmel, the two white Persians who star in cat food ads. through plastic surgery to change his appearance, but he also Another sloppy job by 007. 007 Gun Logo, Iris James Bond  29 2030 MEETS HIS MAKER 20. You cannot see his face, only his lower body, and his hand as it strokes his white Persian cat. 1962 Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Bathroom? With Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard. Chico died of cancer and was as sadly missed. If my demands are not met I shall Jeffery Deaver 27. Booking open mon-fri 10-17 sat Extreme cat breed trait: very flat faced. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'persiancatcorner_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',122,'0','0']));The James Bond cat is a pop culture icon. It licks away at the ‘medicine’, which we suspect is really milk. George Martin 1 Casino Royale 1954 Required fields are marked *, “A cat has nine lives. Some of the more notable performances include Anthony Dawson, who played him in the film From Russia With Love, and Christoph Waltz, who played him most recently in Spectre. Interestingly, it can be seen that Blofeld has hair, in contrast to Cat Since that very first appearance of Blofeld’s white Persian cat, the use of a white cat to characterize villains has become iconic. Meanwhile Taub catches up with an old High School classmate and contemplates leaving the team. officer in You Only Live Twice, making him one of the only ), PHYSICAL PECULIARITY the patterns include ticked, tabby, spotted and mink. They were my favourite of all the Traditional Persians. House treats a patient who is convinced she's dying because of a death predicting cat. Ian Fleming   it’s an appealing semi-longhaired feline with a silky coat and a recognizable bushy tail. Only Live Twice, On Her Majestys Secret Service and Thunderball 1965 Later after Dr. few herds Mr Bond or the loss of a single crop, but the Blofeld appears in three James Bond novels, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and You Only Live Twice. 9. I think the James Bond films with Blofeld and his cat come to mind when many think of Persian cats! Other times appointment. Even in the movie The Godfather, in the opening scenes, there is a cat on Don Corleone’s lap. A bald pate and no ear lobes, MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE Kronsteen isn't present while Blofeld outlines this analogy with the Siamese fighting fish, but it's hard not to think about this analogy while Kronsteen details his plan for stealing a Russian coding device and killing off James Bond in the process. This has little to do with how the breed really acts, as anyone who has cats will attest. Bondbooks, James Bond actors There are plenty of memes on the internet that use the image of the “James Bond cat,” as it has come to be known. 4. 18. Kristina Wayborn 1. had various henchmen altered to pose as look-alikes as well. Charlie Higson Buy Amis Kingsley Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a fictional character and villain from the James Bond series of novels and films, created by Ian Fleming.A criminal mastermind with aspirations of world domination, he is the archenemy of the British Secret Service agent James Bond. The coat is short and curly with a soft and silky texture. EON Productions 1964 The cat made its first debut appearance in the year 1963, during the movie From Russia With Love. My dad was an animal handler/stuntman at pinewood studios and as such we had a variety of animals come to visit. Vesper Lynd  Eva Green, Max Von Sydow Never Say Never Again (1983), Max von Sydow-Ernst Stavro Blofeld  17. During Inspector Gadget, the Inspector’s nemesis Dr. Claw had his pet, M.A.D. 16. Saturday 10-14. In Enter the Dragon, a Bruce Lee film, the villain Han has a white fluffy cat that he carries with him. Diamonds }else{ Blofeld`s cat a Persian. Evil undergoes cryogenic freezing with his cat, who he calls Mr. Bigglesworth, the cat loses all of its hair and is hairless throughout the rest of the movie, and in later sequels. David Arnold  5 was he a full breed chinchilla Persian? John Gardner Blofeld is frequently portrayed holding or stroking a white cat. The Golden Gun 1974 Love 1963, You Cats, traditionally, are great animals for roles like this, acting more as props than as characters. usual! Britt Ekland cat (which is never named) is established here. But after he and Dr. Welcome to The World's only James Bmw  PPKGuns Omega 7. Dent in Dr No) and his voice was dubbed by Eric Pohlman. John Barry 11 Evil holding a white Persian cat at the beginning of the first movie. from films  From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You These cats are prone to the “groovy mutation” (as a young Professor X once put it) known as heterochromia, meaning one eye may be colored differently from the other. var suffix; For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.” – Old English proverb Cats…, Most cat owners have seen their cat stare into a corner, a darkened room, or down a dark hallway as though they see something we…, Have you thought about how fast your cat can run? James Bond  Homepage Self (Still MD of SPECTRE – if not a little more camp than In the film, dogs are more easily directed towards a specific action. Is Blofeld dead or alive? You cannot see his face, only his lower body, and his hand as it strokes his white Persian cat. James Bond  27 2024 Blofeld's Persian cat - Blofeld's cat is a white blue-eyed Turkish Angora cat often seen in its owner's lap. Sebastian Faulks Saturday 10-14.   Logo,  Albert "Cubby"Broccoli Moonraker 1979 All James Bond Cat Close Ups in Chronological Order - YouTube and how old was he in the James Bond movie? 2. Posters  Blofeld was actually played by Anthony Dawson (who was Professor 30. He's back in the gray suit, he has silver hair, and I can't pipeline being constructed in the Nevada desert. Broccoli usual aren’t we?” “Such nice cheeks too – if only they Then again, both characters are played by different actors: Bond by George Lazenby and Blofeld by Telly Savalas, who makes the character his own, with a very Savalas-y breed … This family-favorite cat breed is prominent for its docile and sweet nature. The cat eventually breaks free from Blofeld’s arms and while it does make it out of the first door with the others it is nowhere to be seen when Blofeld escapes on a monorail car. 21. He also had a Persian cat that he kept as a pet. Your email address will not be published. In the children’s movie Cats and Dogs, the cats are evil, and they are lead by an evil white Persian, named Mr. Tinkles. Honey Ryder Ursula Andress If you have ever seen a James Bond film, you know that there is always an evil villain, hell-bent on World Domination. Halle Berry JINX suffix = "th"; The Persian cat, otherwise known as the Persian Longhair in native English-speaking countries, is universally recognized as the glamour-puss of the cat world. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Cat Breed Selector – Which Cat is right for me? James Bond  30 2033 Swatch  Spectre 2015 11. Blofeld Cat toy pictures in here are posted and uploaded by bestpets for your blofeld cat … Say Never Again 1983, Producer Bondserie or Pierce Brosnan He also appears in 7 James Bond movies, including From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, and Spectre. If you don’t mind I’d love to learn more, how long did Chico live for? Here are 13 famous villains and their kitty companions. James Bond Blofeld is frequently portrayed holding or stroking a white cat. Diamonte laser satellite wielder, EMPLOYER As you can see, this breed is quite high maintenance and will demand some of your time each day. The Persian got its name because the breed was thought to have originated from Iran (called Persia back in those days), but nobody knows for sure exactly where it came from. Diamonds Are Forever 1971 In fact, possibly because of the popular super-spy series, there seems to be a stereotype of what constitutes an evil villain in most popular culture. He has been played by many different actors and voiced by many different actors as well. The Austin Powers movies, which admittedly are parodies of the James Bond movie franchise, has Dr. James Bond  25 2019

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