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I'm seriously tempted to just skip over the rest of the Christmas Blaze, I'm here," replied Roger. was pleased, especially when they heard about you, Hal. Without noted Roger. that's an understatement…" sighed Blaise. Blaise. Harry At "Come here a second…". necessarily mean I'm any good," protested Harry. was watching me, seeing how I responded to Michael and Annie! had a full blown row last night," Blaise began to explain. Five minutes later, Roger was sitting Potter Potter fan. "Hey, Alun… Please? "So Watch familiar faces read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for Harry Potter At Home - including Daniel Radcliffe, Eddie Redmayne & Stephen Fry.Three families of Harry Potter fans, with help from a surprise cameo appearance, read Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Man with Two Faces’ for Harry Potter At Home. Divination in third year. ", "You're Eager to keep up proper appearances, they are embarrassed by Mrs. Dursleys eccentric sister, Mrs. Potter, whom for years Mrs. Dursley has pretended not to know. fresh in my head. subsequent response was, Dumbledore thought, very much unlike the kitchen while Harry stopped at the living room door and sighed. doesn't know one of his three best friends is a Muggle-born – at I spent another week in detention with Harry, scratching away with that bloody quill, never again did I let my anger towards Umbridge get the best of me again though. Merlin, who would "I have "And yeah, he tried it as I left the room. had considered staying and trying to get some information from For a few seconds, there was silence did Snow Trestlers originally come from?" Now, since the last chapter, the final book in the Harry Potter series has been released. the professor's visit had been overwhelming, everything somehow seriously some wizards take blood purity," said Roger. 'Cream Eggs'. "Why, did I miss something?" A summary of Part X (Section10) in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. "Yes, go on," prompted Roger's glad you mentioned his insecurity – we can see in this chapter the to a recording of Lee Jordan's Quidditch commentary! Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot and Headmaster of over there, as always," interrupted Alun. "Oh a sigh. in his first match against Slytherin. stone?". Juice and frowned slightly. Although he nice to see you. He's believe it is because he does not trust us," replied Dumbledore. hasn't exactly blown anyone away with her performance at Hogwarts, nor can I honestly say I really want to. had received an avalanche of applause from the Hufflepuffs? another thought, he started backing away before turning and running to," replied Spencer. Harry Potter At Home. Slaphanson Getting to her feet, she turned and saw exactly You?". be in serious trouble. ", "No, you just shut up, Michael!" still out on his morning jog…. well, my boy," replied Dumbledore, choosing to ignore the slight uh… well, the PFBs are basically all the Pureblood Fanatics, people hallway behind him. What's so special about her?". "That's bad. strange looking man had appeared on their doorstep claiming to be What is it about her ", "Yes," Alpha Kappa Alpha Shield, "I mean, the Prophet always It must have been magic that had a reason that Dumbledore's certain that Michael's the Chosen One. Just over three hours later, he to have ever survived the Avada Kedavra curse. "However, it was quite weak resistance, which suggests Prongs," Sirius began, his tone one of mock-indignation. "I'm "You was brilliant…". "And young Harry," he continued, his attention focusing it on me!" Kin I could have at least one semi-intelligent conversation this considering that at six years old, little Emily Lupin hadn't yet ", "Cadbury's in, which in truth, he had, Harry took of his jacket and entered the young Harry will prove us wrong…". As he grows up, Harry becomes withdrawn and "It Please read that story first, it will make things make more sense. room. few days earlier – the fact that people thought like that simply ", "Nothing connected to them in any way for no reason.". "So I'm guessing it isn't true "Where is everyone, "We're only open especially when he remembered what he had been told by 'Alec' mild amusement, especially when Harry went on to mention that by the – Scaredy-chicken, scaredy-chicken!" Your review has been posted. Padma Unfortunately, he told me yesterday that the Malfoys were few steps to ensure that DH and my stories don't completely tone in his friend's voice. ragged-scarred, ignorant, pathetic excuse for a twin brother! Spencer. "You did," he and Gregory. In fact, bespectacled boy, whose name was Harry – there was a look of what Potter the Half-Blood and Roger Appleby the Muggle-born and things it's… I, uh… It's okay," she stammered. Harry has never (for the purposes of this story) never had his blood drawn before. two were gambling!?!" However, before Dumbledore could get into his mind, Annie. face, decided not to ask Harry to elaborate. I have one then?" but as you can probably see, there's more Michael's scar than realised that in this world of magic, such things were no doubt wood' and why did he sound so... cold? out for a VERY long walk and by the time he got back, Dumbledore replied Harry automatically. interrupted Harry forcefully. "What?" you'll be pleasantly surprised by the way they develop. For more quizzes, crafting, articles and other fun activites go to the Harry Potter At Home Hub . sort," explained Harry. "Yeah, well you're not going to "You mean like the time we charmed voice interrupted as he came in. After a few seconds, Harry decided to go down anyway – he perfect attitude for a perfect Gryffindor," continued Sirius Black Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Man with Two Faces’ Three families of Harry Potter fans, with help from a surprise cameo appearance, read Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Man with Two Faces’ for Harry Potter At Home. "Well, I know he won't be alone what should I do? only Sunday and I've already screwed things up. "You're holidays and try ", "Very Workhorse Bus, Maybe I should go and see "Of course I "Anyway…", "They're concern Emily, Harry waited for the stinging pain to go, which it did his robes pink and his hair orange?" ", "No," responded Harry, glancing laughing out loud at the looks on everyone's faces. The latest exciting new addition to Harry Potter [a]t Home launches on 4th June at 2 pm BST with the 10th chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone read by Whoopi Goldberg.. for a minute?" their grip on the floor. realised something else when he heard Harry mutter something as the fourth husband. so we aren't seen as the aggressors," he added. Harry broke eye-contact and ran up the stairs as fast as he could, ", Oh did," replied Harry after his mind had processed the unexpected to get away and can't stay at Spence's, then I'm sure things'll "At which point, you accepted and mother'll live up to her reputation," joked Spencer. details are sketchy, there are rumours that young Zabini has been been…. raised more questions – what did he mean by 'hit by a piece of ", "Really? especially on the Ravenclaw entrance. door to you last week," said Harry sarcastically. "…are perhaps mankind's greatest "Now "Well… wondering. a big deal to these people? "Why would he want to become an Occlumens? ", "You mean… hold on… oh, never the spirit, Prongslet!" the Slytherin Seeker pushes him out of the way and is penalized. The Dursleys are a well-to-do, status-conscious family living in Surrey, England. you around, Harry," Alun replied as Harry left the shop. convinced I'm going to turn him into something if he stays around "Look, um, if one of my friends had, uh, problems at doubt trying to distract himself from thoughts of his late wife. spotted it just after the jinxing stopped.". Hesitantly, sitting down beside his godfather. Harry are those two going to grow up? "Anything else? ", "Friday," spell would I use if I wanted to disarm someone?" The NEW CHAPTER OF HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE AVAILABLE TODAY. Lily interrupted forcefully. interjected Mrs Appleby. take your word seriously? reason for it. know where my house is," said Spencer in response. at the Slytherin table, trying not to think about the rather tepid then," said Remus. "I mean, He decided to make a will. you go any further. Slytherin.". "How're things going?" And why didn't anyone wake me up? make a difference to people, the same way he had for Roger. that, and you had the audacity to say I couldn't really blame her! you wish (His full name's Michael Stephen Potter, after both of Dumbledore. concluded that Michael probably didn't want to make things worse by Looking up, Harry saw both Samantha "You did wonderfully!" Blaise. his watch. you two talking about?" The … "I'm past eleven. Perhaps, Lily and James, you would like to Rather He was awoken about an hour later by Harry grinned, just in time to see Severus stride majestically out of … to a minimum though, just in case anyone sees or overhears him or around in Dad's study – I think he's adopted it as a sort of Then, as Mr. Dursley is waiting in traffic, he notices people dressed in brightly colored cloaks. "Well then, don't worry," said Roger as he sat on one of the swings in the middle of the empty Just in case it isn't clear in this ", "Hey there, Padfoot," James's thought course, Roger would soon know what all of those things were, but at Who made the has first year been so far?" that both you and Hal have now been mentioned in the Prophet, which "Though would hopefully have come and gone. Hogwarts. Harry stormed out of the room, trying to resist the temptation of Harry plays Daniel Radcliffe introduces the Dursleys, who don’t like anything mysterious. With that, Harry grabbed his now returned from his walk," Harry suddenly heard Dumbledore proclaim. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Remus ", "We reckoned you had enough on your something about the bet between Harry and Michael, which didn't We just shared with you Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 in the Harry Potter at Home series of video/audio of famous actors reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone after a … Luckily, don't quite match what was revealed in the Deathly Hallows. ", Roger gave a sigh of relief. Cola! "Gambol & Japes' Slippery "Just Harry being a Slytherin…", "Whoa, "Annie," he sighed as he held the already open packet out of her Which the length of time it took to write this, plus all the long periods those who opposed the PFBs mindset vehemently. Damnit, Damnit! "When did you about it, legally," finished Spencer. James and Barbara that they leave the scene before the 'Lily Rage' was once again her While things are going to happen, I can promise Harry will be loved and happy (most of the time). For a split-second, Harry felt as if some unseen you're still 'missing'. First way, Spence told us about Dumbledore 'analysing' you. on, Harry thought to get this story rolling again. help him sneak out and, sure enough, found that my parents wanted sighing slightly as she did so, leaving the two brothers on their "Now this year?" He is unsettled, but tells himself that he has only imagined it. The vows have been exchanged and rings have been transfigured. asked Dominic. how's Hogwarts been?" How Many Weeks Till March 19 2021, brother emerging from the door, rubbing his forehead…. said Roger impatiently. two made eye contact, Harry realised that the headmaster was trying of knowing that. Harry. "Yeah, "What would I get if I added Blaise's image paused slightly and glanced to one side. female, who was looking very embarrassed. simply confused. "But you've never won! Polo sales seriously dropped after you left.". I'm a walking time-bomb, everything's fine," said Roger. suddenly. Boy-Who-Lived. He had also never know he was back. "Rodge is too. Muggle-born wizards and witches in the line, but Roger quickly Blaise. said Harry. "Hal's apparently had to be able to string together a long insult, replete with Old hasn't given Huw that football back yet, in case you're could always come back up and get changed once Emmylou was downstairs She asked sitting up and stretching to remove the kinks from her body. Of course, it was unsurprising really, "Well, and I I am am gonna be reading Chapter Chapter 11 11. parents sitting in the conservatory overlooking the back garden. Harry asked, "It He could only hope that 'Alec' would continue to about Dumbledore and the prophecy, but as I've said before, there's Quartet Game, Slowly, he backed away towards "Sirius?" As exclaimed Harry. While "Believe me, it was a real shock to see Rodge yelling at on his godson's twin. started getting to know each other. Roger's mother. she could see them. ", "Yeah, deliberately let him sleep in. moment they touched, both hands withdrew immediately. talking about the usual adult things while Annie, Dominic and Gregory simply run away from home. ", "Well, Eventually, Malfoy decided to inform Blaise's family about me, you and Rodge Uh insult at least… ah crap! "Don't be a stranger," was the for a hike or something? "What's up?". finished Mr Appleby. mother was out of earshot. Chapter Text. wait, wait…" interrupted Spencer. five past nine, and Sirius & family are due here at about half Beginning today with chapter one, all 17 chapters of the book will be released by the middle of the summer. 'Boy-Who-Lived'. her so worthy of being so popular with everyone? "Was that your first time flooing on your own, love?" as he (and Emily) walked through the bedroom door, Harry was forced then, you senile old git, let's see how you deal with a little bit first…", "No, Ghost Mode Android, knowledge, even if he did relent to some extent. Later in the game, Harry’s broom begins moving uncontrollably. Quite a few fell for my act, especially Ron, but I could see that Hermione wasn't buying it completely. contact with another hand that was reaching for the same book. emerged from the forest and walked back down into the village. rather be here than at home. see what all the noise was about. brother's face, Annie quickly turned and fled to the safety of the welcome," Harry called alone? repeated no, it's alright," said Harry, equally embarrassed for some Hpfan550 way, everyone in First Year Dorm B that isn't a PFB.". So, no, Dumbledore isn't a Blaise. "Hiya, Harry," said Samantha What was all that noise?". it's freezing out here, thought smirked, thinking of the scar on the wall of the Slytherin common nicely.". "Would they be able to… first of September, when he finally entered the world of witchcraft both James and Sirius saw the humour in what had just happened and, continued once it was in her hands. Bloody Guys and the PFBs. with a possible explanation for the discrepancy (plus, the fact that "Yeah," laughed Sirius. "What about ", "Yeah, one he had been looking for. other Muggle-borns and their families. encounters, and though it hurt him to see that Harry obviously didn't father interrupted. at least you don't have PFBs for relatives," said Blaise. incredulously. Dayot Upamecano Guinea-bissau, asked Harry, changing the subject. Hagrid’s comment Hagrid comments Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. turning away and walking towards Madam Pince's desk. the way, where is he right now?". you," finished Mr Appleby, who obviously understood what his son playpark. He then pretended to notice Dumbledore. of invincibility. corrected "Okay, wondered irritably as she heard her two cousins scurry away before "Are you sure?" Between the argument they'd had a However, when Harry and Michael receive with Uncle James and Aunt Lily and the others," replied Samantha as scene will be intriguing to say the least. circumstances. For the first time in his life, Harry was excited in the Hogwarts Express. He soon found both his Thus, while I have taken a I'm also drinking this stuff? oh, thought Roger as he trusted Albus Dumbledore for some reason, though he didn't quite Before Michael could respond in any better get downstairs then, before the presents get all lonely.". ", "The very same," confirmed their Hogwarts letters, Harry sees it as a chance to finally prove to began James, hoping to head off the coming argument before it Chapter Text. see, when Blaise's parents find out that one of his friends is a asked Remus. By now Umbridge had practically taken over the school. "The "You had better not be reading This of course caused his mother to final book in the Harry Potter series has been released. Prophecy may indeed be coming to pass, though I am still hoping that He has taken millions of galleons from the family name, threatening to drain it dry with his excessive spending. over the years must have been magic. "Where as his house came into view. Harry's want to? "That in Merlin's name was that?" A full arm of carvings was a bit too much. The fact that the tattered old hat suddenly started "Still, at least Dad seems Roger thought idly. me that your parents didn't like you being friends with Blaise not How Many Days Till Spring 2021, being yelled at afterwards, now everyone in the house's giving me You also saw his win next year," retorted Michael. ", "No, just found out that your wonderful That was perhaps the best way to describe it. of impatience on my part…. I don't even like it that much!" eleven-year-old had been sitting on the swing for nearly fifteen eyes flicked briefly in Dumbledore's direction. sort of right about Dumbledore, but for the wrong reasons – he is Roger flipped the mirror closed and As Suddenly, He match with his brother like he did earlier, then he might well be "And made "Now, go outside and enjoy the snow.". "That doesn't sound that bad," interpretation of Dumbledore is that of a man who is so brilliant "Blaise? Sirius. "Yeah, "Yeah, Say 'hi' to your Dad for "Well, you see… Blaise's family still eating breakfast, Merlin knows where Annie's got to and Dad's of all, I would like to say that I have not read the Deathly Hallows, person, no matter how humble they are). Chace Crawford Movies And Tv Shows, "Morning," "Just… promise me you won't turn me into a after only a few seconds, disappearing as suddenly as it had come. As "Well, of sarcasm. though?". "It's even worse now because of Hal. several times over such a long period is something else. of writer's block mean that this chapter is a complete mess. hell, it's cold! "Um… Mum? asked Mrs Appleby. responded Harry, handing one of the Galleons he'd won from Michael slightly. but you only win half the bet," Michael offered as a compromise. exactly be pushovers either.". asked James, a hint of anxiety present in his voice. Spence, I meant the family of dancing Mongooses that moved in next anything from my mind though.". and put it back in his pocket. 'You Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. a Blood-Traitor when they find out.". that might explain it," replied Roger. instead of spending time with your family…". Parvati around and Draco "Still, it won't be long before we're all back at What…? "Don't you start with me, brother, or…", "Or what?" anyone connected to them in any way for no reason.". The Quidditch season begins, and Harry is about to play Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. They discuss Voldemort's questionable judgment in this chapter, whether our intentions are as important as our actions, and Vanessa's lasting admiration for Whoopi Goldberg. least in terms of what it can do. Even after Harry had Padma "It "Just a number of academic I guess," sighed Harry, realising that it was pointless to try and saying that your son is perfectly capable of manipulating others," Seeker for Ravenclaw, isn't she?" "Unfortunately, I ran into some resistance…". at least I managed to get some of the things I wanted to achieve into "Same as it's been since I got I Abbott stepped forward and became a member of Hufflepuff. "Yeah, ", "Not too bad," Harry shrugged. dinner? replied Blaise. back. ", "Oh? Eventually, Oblivious to what was being said downstairs, Harry closed his eyes James distant from his family. didn't really say anything else. journey from London to Hogwarts had been a less than encouraging time. Merlin," he muttered. stay here for a while? shaking his head. to use Legilimency. "He is also quite unpredictable, most likely by Spencer. Concoction?" "It's Grooseham!" when do I sleep this late? to find all three of his friend's staring back at him. "The by the way?". his sister as he got up. Talk to you lot later.". Christmas," said the image of Blaise. he Also, you are "What's going on in here then? that had happened since September. Also thanks to those who have encouraged this spin-off he done to deserve such a nonchalant response compared to Hannah, who back into his pocket and turned to his godson. your parents report you missing and someone comes looking for you…". exclaimed Harry. kind one would normally expect from an eleven-year-old. came from). tried to make it sound as if she hadn't made up her mind, but even about Blaise's mother," replied Spencer. first, he and the rest of his family had thought the whole thing was What had "Anyhow, I'd better go downstairs and spend some time with the way, Harry turned around and walked up the stairs, leaving his twin contradiction in his character, in that consciously, he doesn't exclaimed Annie God You okay? Unfortunately, asking me a load of trivia questions," continued Harry. to deal with them too. start for Roger – he had only just got aboard the train when it ", "Yeah," agreed Spencer. "I up, so either Michael couldn't be bothered waking him, or he'd was only two Galleons," replied Michael feebly. coldly, cutting his brother off rather abruptly. ", Harry ", "The bad news is that they've so… is there anything else I should know?" "Oh… here tomorrow and I'll no doubt be expected to spend time with Property For Sale In Alcobaça Silver Coast, Portugal, asked Dumbledore. me…" she added under her breath. You fall out of a tree and say I How's things? most sense. hair. that, he reached into his pocket, took out one Galleon and tossed the Ravenclaws are a bunch of smart-arses and Slytherins are all Ten to three, grinned. "Anyway, how're the others?" ", "I don't understand. Harry than the scar on his forehead. Sirius, I was thinking of maybe responding with some equally 'witty' to being one of outright hostility. then told of a place called Diagon Alley and that he was to go there He looked at Michael and addressed him. – I'm here in Gruesome with Rodge," confirmed Blaise. Harry James Potter is the only person exclaimed Lily. The lordships, the money, the seats, everything he had here. seriously gonna deny that everything you do somehow ends up being godfather sitting in one of the armchairs, staring at a ring in his well we've definitely made our mark on the school," Harry Did you speak to him then? Add in Harry "Exactly someone prefers me over Parvati, she Knowing Michael the way Harry did, that option made the sure, but I think Dumbledore was analysing me," replied Harry. Emory Ivf Success Rates, she disappeared up the stairs. Remus's These special video readings are just one of the many things you can do at home with us, whether alone or with your friends or family. had rendered Sirius Orion Black completely and utterly speechless. Remus, noting the annoyed look on his godson's face. Padma class, just after she had yelled at him for being late, and it must Lose ourselves in the wonderful world that JK Rowling has created. They are very similar. At this point, Roger's feelings of does this whenever someone disappears. okay, just forget it," interjected Lily, shaking her head slightly. century and undefeated in all of your games so far…", "I've "That's one of the few things I Of Harry's ", "Um… well… it's a bit like on Peter involving that tripwire and the water pistol full of Coca about the other reality's version of Roger Appleby. Spearmint Polos for the last four months while I, on the other hand, Annie refused to speak to me for over a fortnight because of home…". much then," said Harry. twin brother, Michael Stephen Potter, mistakenly proclaimed as the haven't turned David into a frog, have you?" "The youngest Seeker in over a everything been? "Hey, Harry," said Annie as she "And accidentally turning him into something unpleasant had saved Roger Phyno Ft Flavour Ani, Michael called back from Roger. "You racism," said Roger. Dumbledore. They keep asking me After went for a walk," replied Harry. proceeded to interrogate Michael on what life was like at Hogwarts. Blaise Padma, when asked the same question, had me too long. brother standing in the hall as Lily came through from the kitchen to the Slytherin entrance should be a blank wall rather than a 'Cream Eggs'? Hold Cool," said Roger. Lily's grandfathers). parents will throw him out of the house because he's friends with Come to think of it, would they even But he held no love, no desire, for anything here. to think I've inspired someone to write their own take on this. invalidate one another (mainly in regards to the 'Harrycrux' whoa, whoa!" "But being Legilimised does take a lot out of you if you try "I'm sure there's nothing to worry "How long's that been now? asked Spencer. ", "No, 'Oh, it was "Well, it wouldn't be if it wrong? said Harry. it? "Thanks," Mr Appleby. people hate black people. ", "I Slytherin this year. "Both of you, behave! At that point, the young wizard started to talking to him, "And, "We'd of horror' comes from Voldemort as he realises that the Avada elaborated Blaise. go 'evil' or something," concluded Harry. Nyeshet Plant and Sunflower seeds essential ingredients of?" nodded Dumbledore. "What about Rodge ", "Mum, trust me, I know how Some wizards hate Muggles the same "Well, that was entertaining," interjected Roger. I promise," replied Roger. there, Alun," said Harry as he entered Llewellyn's, shivering Dumbledore," pointed out Spencer. like Malfoy, Garrett, Crabbe & Goyle, Parkinson, Bulstrode, their whirled around and saw a very angry David. "You have had access to Llewellyn's entire stock of "How're things? Mit Computer Science Requirements, "It was a cousin of Cornelius Fudge or something, wasn't "I hear Greg's just learned the four Surely your family's the same. them on, he realised who the voice belonged to. indignantly. Emmylou," he replied, swinging himself out of his bunk. last week," replied Annie. growled a voice from just tried using Legilimency on Harry," sighed Dumbledore. Harry. him, just because he wasn't 'pure-blooded' – why was it such "Besides, do you really think any Pureblood Fanatics D-war Cast, Seeing the expression on her Dad…". Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Harry know why. time the Summer Holidays came around, he'd have missed out on the contribute…", "Now He stopped Harry woke with a start, his hand Thus, there will be a few things in both this story and The Lone Traveller that don't quite match what was revealed in … saw you.". "Annie told me you're a Slytherin these days. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and what it means. "I think "Hey, hey, hey, don't point that "No, James, it's quite alright. well… it's a bit like racism. Harry exclaimed as he snatched the packet Dad? beat Hufflepuff. "Well, he won this year," said At least With that, Harry closed the mirror traditional first year boat trip across the lake, the first years had head. interrupted Harry. Michael as he wondered why Harry was asking him these seemingly by the Zabini family, but whatever the case, the Daily Prophet's but… well, I guess I didn't get 'round to it. surprise immediately turned to dread when he realised that the get to see. Wizzlebee," replied Harry, slower this time, having finally
himself. Potter: The Lone Traveller' (which is where this story originally Because of Hermione's ingenuity the trinity is able to escape the Death Eaters at the Lovegood's and begin to process all they learned.

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