Translate. E-learning.

Translate is an internal developed tool to simplify the translation workflow of html5 elearning modules. It enables our costumer to take translations on their own, without the need of development knowledge.

Project Background

For quite some time we provided html5 responsive trainings to our customers. Most of them act as big player on the international market and so they are in need to translate their learning nuggets to a various amount of different languages. Before translate the workflow and effort they needed to take was as follows:

During that time, translating 1 module took us roughly 2 weeks if we were fast, and produced costs of roughly 3-4 working days. Having 8-13 languages in average and with that a huge price tag per module, clients started to order less html5 advanced trainings and moved back to the less innovative authoring tools solutions to manage costs internally.

My Role

I was the designer on this project, discussing and planning this to come with our lead dev. Most of the validations of my ideas were through 1:1 meetings, design critique sessions and team presentations.

MVP Creation

With some internal and external Research to also find out about the pitfalls we might have to cover, we came up with the following features we needed to implement:
workflows and notification, upload component, side by side edit, word count reference, export component
The new costumer centric wokflow would than be as follows, with our new tool serving as the fastest project manager, and keeping all data within the system and with that reduce the error threshold enormously.


our clients love it.
After going live with several of our bigger clients in closed beta release, the amount of html5 based trainings increased by a factor of 2-3x. Enabling them to take translations on their own, with a bulletproof tool in hands, left them with more money to produce new initial learning contents. What might seem as a loss of big money, was indeed the opposite launching translate as a SaaS for our costumers, and bringing so much more content creations our way.