A bit of who I am

My name is Alexander Lehnert and I’ve been a creative and motion director since 2007, working on a wide range of projects, from commercials and music videos, to startup videos. In my spare time, I teach visual effects and motion design lessons for FXPHD and Hello Luxx, based out of Chicago and Sydney.

Since starting my career, I’ve freelanced with some great clients, led the communications and design department at an agency and worked on projects for major brands and people. Some of them include: Mercedes, Opel, Red Bull, Braun, BOSCH, Weight Watchers, Flying Lotus, Elijah Wood, Sparkasse, and more. I’ve even won a few design awards and was nominated for an MTV Music Video award, from the work I did on said videos.

I love motion design, working with big and small companies alike, speaking about my work and collaborating with others on awesome projects. Want to chat about an opportunity for any of that? Feel free to send an email my way or let’s chat on twitter.

Fun Fact: A big dream of mine is to become a professional airhockey player. Have tips? Send them my way.